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Note to current customers:

If you are upgrading from PDG Shopping Cart 1.X or PDG Shopping Cart 2002, please click here.

Current PDG Shopping Cart 2004 and Version 4 users should click here to download the upgrade for the latest revision of PDG Shopping Cart V4.

Note to new customers:

New customers who prefer to have PDG Software install PDG Shopping Cart for evaluation should complete the installation request form located here.

Before you download, please read the following:

(1) Please be sure to enter the correct domain for the website where you will be operating PDG Shopping Cart. The license will only function for the domain you specify.

(2) After you complete this form, you will be prompted to download the cart software. Once you have successfully installed the Cart software, it will automatically retrieve your 30-day license file so that you can begin your evaluation.

(3) PDG Software values the privacy of its customers. The information you enter in this form is used only to process your cart license. PDG Software does not resell this information to any other organizations, or use this information outside of PDG Software.

As always -- we appreciate your business!

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Ex: (1) if cgi-bin is located off of root web, leave as /cgi-bin/
(2) if cgi-bin is located at www.webstorename.com/test/cgi-bin, enter "test/cgi-bin" (no quotes).
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If you are unsure of the operating system utilized on your Host's server, please visit http://uptime.netcraft.com.
Windows Solaris
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Digital (tru64) mips (Cobalt)

** Please have a PDG Sales Representative contact me regarding free installation of the PDG software to my Web site.
**Note: If you are a current PDG Software user and require assistance with an
installation or upgrade, you must contact our technical support department directly.

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