eCommerce Shopping Cart Software for CyberSource


CyberSource Shopping Cart Software for ECommerce Storefronts

CyberSource ECommerce Shopping Cart Software

PDG ecommerce and shopping cart software solutions are directly compatible with the CyberSource transaction gateway.

CyberSource provides fast, reliable, and secure electronic credit card processing. Manage credit card processing in-house using CyberSource Payment Manager software or outsource using CyberSource Payment Services.

Key Benefits

  • Process transactions all the time, anytime--regardless of volume growth or peaks in order volume
  • Commerce-enable new sales channels quickly
  • Change processor gateway connections as business needs evolve
  • Add credit card fraud management. Use CyberSource Smart Authorization for basic protection, or investigate more robust fraud management strategies
  • Receive 24/7 support from a skilled team of support engineers and operations professionals and via access to award-winning support center

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The PDG Software integration of CyberSource requires the use of files not included in the default installation of PDG Commerce. In order to utilize the CyberSource payment gateway, merchants will need to download and install the files contained within the archives below. Choose the appropriate download for your webserver's operating system. All files for UNIX operating systems should be uploaded as binary data into the PDG_Commerce directory, with permissions set to 7-5-5 (rwx-rx-rx). Windows merchants should upload the .dll file as binary data into their site's cgi directory, with all other files being uploaded as binary data into your PDG_Commerce directory.