PDGSoft Recommended Hosting Providers


PDG Software Recommended Hosts


Although you can host your PDG Software applications with virtually any hosting provider, PDG has compiled the list of recommended hosts below based on feedback from existing PDG merchants and their own experiences working with each. PDG recommends that you verify that the specific plan you sign up for has the minimum basic requirements for hosting a PDG application (a cgi directory and is capable of executing scripts, SSL certificate support, MySQL/MSSQL, etc.), as well as support for any other services or software that you will be utilizing on your site.Please note that PDG Software, Inc. in no manner, either expressly or by implication, endorses any of the hosting providers utilized with your PDG Software product. Additionally, PDG is not responsible for, nor does it support the functionality of any of the hosting provider utilized for your PDG Software product, nor shall it assume any liability at law or otherwise, for host provider errors, omissions, or security compromises should they occur.Note: Each link will open in a new window so that you may compare pricing and features of each host that you visit.

www.appliedi.net - Windows

www.bluehost.com - UNIX

www.hens-teeth.net - UNIX

www.hostgator.com - UNIX (Powered by 100% Renewable Energy - Use coupon code "pdgcommerce" to save 25% on your entire order!!!)

www.hostmonster.com - UNIX

www.inmotionhosting.com - UNIX

www.jumpline.com - UNIX

www.liquidweb.com - UNIX

www.sboutsource.com - Windows (First 6-months free for PDG merchants!)