eCommerce Shopping Cart Software for PayPal PayFlow Gateway


Shopping Cart Software for eCommerce Storefronts - PayFlow Pro and PayFlow Link

Payflow ECommerce Shopping Cart Software

PDG ecommerce and shopping cart software solutions are directly compatible with PayPal's Payflow Payment Services, formerly VeriSign Payment Services. PDG interfaces directly with both the Payflow Pro and Payflow Link transaction systems.

Payflow Pro is a scalable, completely customizable payment processing solution and is recommended for merchants who require peak site performance and direct control over payment functionality on their Web site. Payflow Pro provides merchants with immediate connectivity to all major payment processors.

Payflow Link is a service designed for merchants who require a simple solution for accepting payments on the Web. The Payflow Link service is a hosted order form service that allows your customer to securely input their credit card information on the PayPal secure payment server. PDG products links customers to Payflow Link during checkout. All transactions take place on PayPal's secure servers, eliminating the need for merchants to acquire their own secure certificate for their web store. Customers can enter their credit card or check data during checkout and be sure that their information is transferred securely to PayPal to authorize and complete their order.

In addition, PDG Commerce includes the ability to use PayPal's Fraud Protection Services in conjunction with both Payflow Link and Payflow Pro. Fraud Protection Services are a comprehensive new suite of services specifically designed to help businesses protect revenues against online fraud.

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