eCommerce Shopping Cart Software for Plug’n Pay


Plug'n Pay Shopping Cart Software for ECommerce Storefronts

PDG Software's ecommerce and shopping cart software applications are compatible with Plug'n Pay's payment gateway, using the AIM Protocol.

Accept, verify, process and manage online payment transactions including all major credit cards, online cash transfers and electronic checks.

Plug 'n Pay's robust WebXpress payment gateway enables real-time, secure (40/128 bit encryption) credit card verification through our proprietary software and certified private gateways to most major credit card processors. Our gateway also enables electronic check transfers.

For more information about Plug'n Pay, please visit

To set up Plug'n Pay within PDG Commerce, follow the steps below:

1) Log into your PDG applications admin panel
2) Go to "Payments" section and then to "Authorize.Net"
3) Choose "AIM V3.1" from the select box and fill in the Plug'n Pay URL into the "gateway URL" field.
4) Fill in the user name and password provided by Plug'n Pay into the appropriate fields.
5) Choose your preferred method of processing, either "Authorize Only" or "Sale/Capture"
6) PDG Software's technical support will need to set a configuration variable to ensure proper performance. Contact PDG's support staff at (866)433-4734 ext. 3 for this last and final step.