eCommerce Shopping Cart Software for X-Charge


X-Charge Shopping Cart Software for ECommerce Storefronts

X-Charge ECommerce Shopping Cart Software

PDG ecommerce and shopping cart software solutions are directly compatible with the X-Web gateway.

X-Web, an offering by X-Charge Payment Processing, is a cost-effective, secure, and reliable gateway for processing credit card transactions, providing real-time authorizations combined with fraud-prevention tools. X-Web is at the forefront of payment processing security, utilizing SmartDefenseTM technology from worldwide intelligent security solutions provider Check PointTM. This high-performance and fully PCI-compliant gateway also has advanced measures in place to protect sensitive data.

X-Charge Payment Processing is a one-stop merchant services provider solution. In addition to the X-Web Gateway, X-Charge also offers a PC-based software solution that can be used for Retail, MOTO and eCommerce. X-Charge also provides merchants with unique and specialized payment processing tools, such as access to their merchant accounts online.

Never pay additional gateway transaction fees with X-Charge!

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