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Before you download, please read the following terms of PDG Commerce Version 5:

(1) Please be sure to enter the correct domain for the website where you will be operating PDG Commerce Version 5. The license will only function for the domain you specify.

(2) If you do not have an SSL certificate on the site where you will be installing, DO NOT FILL IN THE FIELD FOR SECURE DOMAIN/URL. If populated, PDG Commerce will only allow you to log in securely. If you provide a secure address that is not functional, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOG IN!!!

(3) After you complete this form,you will be prompted to download the PDG Commerce Version 5 installation archive. Once you have successfully installed PDG Commerce, it will automatically retrieve your 30-day license file so that you can begin your evaluation.

(4) PDG Software values the privacy of its customers. The information you enter in this form is used only to process your commerce license. PDG Software does not resell or share this information with any other organizations, nor do we use this information for any reason outside of contacting you regarding your evaluation.

**Note that although no features are restricted during your evaluation of PDG Commerce, the software will only allow 100 active items/skus during evaluation.

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