PDG Commerce Web Store Synchronization for QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Merchants

QuickBooks POS Point of Sale ECommerce Shopping Cart Software

QuickBooks POS Point of Sale - Shopping Cart Software for ECommerce Storefronts

In PDG's continued efforts to make selling online simple and easy for users of QuickBooks software solutions, PDG Software is pleased to introduce direct compatibility with QuickBooks POS Point of Sale software solutions.

In addition to PDG's integration of QuickBooks Merchant Services and QuickBooks Financial and Accounting Software, PDG merchants can now connect their PDG Commerce enabled store directly with QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) solutions as well.

PDG Commerce is compatible with all QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 7 or greater - including all current versions.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Set-Up Tutorial Video
Click here to view a training video that walks you through setting up the real-time synchronizations between QuickBooks Point of Sale and PDG Commerce

 Getting Started Checklist (.pdf)
PDG Commerce/QuickBooks Point of Sale Integration Guide (.pdf)

web store import and export from QuickBooks Point of Sale

Utilizing the QuickBooks Web Connector provided by Intuit, PDG Commerce can communicate directly in near real-time with QuickBooks Point of Sale to exchange customer, product, inventory levels, and sales between their PDG Commerce enabled Web store and their brick-and-mortar retail store.

Merchants can set the Web Connector to connect directly with their store at any time interval they want. Once set, the service will automatically connect to their Web store, upload new products recently added to QuickBooks Point of Sale, update inventory levels for both retail and web sales, and then import all customer and sales information from the Web store into QuickBooks Point of Sale.