PDG Commerce Web Store Synchronization for QuickBooks Merchants


QuickBooks® Shopping Cart Software for ECommerce Storefronts

QuickBooks Shopping Cart Software for ECommerce Storefronts

QuickBooks Point of Sale Demo Video
Click here to view a video that offers an overview of the integration between QuickBooks Financial Software and PDG Commerce.
QuickBooks Point of Sale Set-Up Tutorial Video
Click here to view a training video that walks you through setting up the real-time synchronizations between QuickBooks Financial Software and PDG Commerce


PDG Commere and QuickBooks "Getting Started" Checklist(.pdf)
PDG Commere and QuickBooks Integration Guide (.pdf)


How can you save time (and money) using the PDG Commerce Real-Time Automated QuickBooks Synchronization?


  1. Automated import of products, pricing and inventory from QuickBooks.
    PDG Commerce offers a fully automated import of your current QuickBooks products into your PDG Commerce enabled storefront. Merchants may choose which of their product types to import (services, inventory items, non-inventory items, assemblies and groups) and may specify on a per product basis whether or not specific items should be displayed within the webstore. Merchants can map data stored in QuickBooks to corresponding fields within PDG Commerce to display or enable searching within their storefront.To simplify the process of adding additional information to your webstore data, PDG Commerce offers a built-in import/export feature that allows you to manage and modify your products via Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application. Merchant can add long descriptions, up-sell/cross-sell items, images, links to fact sheets and much, much more to make the shopping experience for end users simple and informative.
  2. Automatically populate web store data into QuickBooks
    As orders are placed within your PDG Commerce enabled storefront, all transactional data is sent directly to QuickBooks via a fully automated real-time process. All customer data, products ordered, shipping costs, sales tax and method of payment is replicated in QuickBooks as either an invoice, sales receipt or sales order (based on the merchant's preference). Merchants may choose to create QuickBooks customer records for each purchasing customer, or may choose to have all web transactions imported as a single customer record within QuickBooks. Regardless of which method a merchant chooses, all customer data collected during the checkout will still be populated into the appropriate fields within QuickBooks, allowing the merchant to print invoices, shipping labels and more using QuickBooks' built-in funtionality.


PDG's Real-time QuickBooks synchronization is available in the current version of PDG Commerce and is compatible with the following versions of QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Premier Special Editions
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • All Versions 2006 (Enterprise V6) and more recent