PDG JumpStart SEO – Search Engine Optmization for your PDG Commerce Storefront

Price: $599.00

(PDG Jumpstart SEO is included in the PDG Commerce Platinum Package and does NOT need to be purchased seperately)

Optimize Visible Content and Copy for Maximum Search Engine Positioning

Let PDG's team of expects give your site the "SEO" treatment. Imagine how much better your site will look and rank with page titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords are unique and specifically about the product or category of products being viewed.

SEO Shopping Cart Architecture Encourages Spiders/Bots to "Dig Deep"

Our SEO experts will ensure that your site's navigation is friendly to both visiting customers and visiting search engine spiders/bots. The natural "drill down" navigation ensures that all visitors to the site see your primary category pages, and then drill down into your subcategories and individual product pages. None of PDG's dynamic content utilizes session information within the URL, helping to prevent your content from being indexed multiple times as different content, which can result in your site being penalized by the major engines for "duplicate content".

Improve Site Accessibility with PDG Software's SEO Shopping Cart

In addition to improving your site's position within the major search engines, many of the features included with PDG Jumpstart SEO also help to improve your site's accessibility. We will add alternate text for your product and category images (image ",alt" attributes), anchor title tags for both image and text based hyperlinks (href "title" attribute), and other features to ensure that their content is easily accessible for customers utilizing a text or sound browser, as well as visiting search engine spiders and bots.

Use Webserver Tools to Provide Static URLs to Dynamic Content

Our SEO team will implement special functionality that provide search friendly static URLs for the dynamically generated content within their PDG Commerce or PDG Shopping Cart enabled webstore. This functionality allows search engine spiders/bots to more easily identify what the page is about (product name will be part of the URL), and makes it easier for the spiders to fully index your website. As an added benefit, it makes for far more attractive links for customers to email their friends about and/or for blog authors to provide links to your pages and content.