PCI Certified eCommerce Shopping Cart Software for QuickBooks

PDG Software is pleased to offer eCommerce shopping cart software and solutions that have been certified as secure payment applications via the PCI Security Standards Council PA-DSS program (Payment Application Data Security Standard). Formerly part of Visa's PABP (Payment Applications Best Practices), PDG's PCI Certified shopping cart software has been tested against the PCI Data Security Standards PCI PA-DSS, the toughest and most stringent standards to date, to ensure the integrity of all cardholder data that is collected by, stored or transmitted by the software.

Using a PCI PA-DSS certified application helps to minimize the potential for security breaches leading to compromises of card holder data, and the damaging fraud resulting from these breaches.

Current mandates from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other major card brands require that all new merchants wishing to accept credit card payments utilize PA-DSS certified payment applications or have their ordering process/platform certified as PCI DSS compliant before they can be approved for a merchant account. In the near future, it will be necessary for all existing merchants who accept credit card payments to transition to a PA-DSS certified payment application, or to go through the costly expense of having their platform certified as PCI DSS compliant. By choosing to build your eCommerce web store using PDG's certified solutions, you can simpify the process of acquiring merchant services and reduce the costs and efforts required to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance.

PDG Commerce Version 5 Installation Guide

PDG Commerce Version 5 Guide to PCI DSS Compliance